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. P1299


P1299 - Cylinder Head Over Temperature Protection Active Indicates an engine overheat condition was detected by the cylinder head temperature (CHT) sensor.

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Diagnostic Trouble Code numbers are read by plugging a code reader or scan tool into the vehicle diagnostic connector (usually located under the instrument panel near ...

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4.6L P1299 Code Modular V8 (4.6L, 5.4L) ... Had a new code come up on my truck. Took it to my technition. He says the P1299 code is a cylinder head over heating.

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Engine Diagnostic Trouble Code Charts p1200 - 1299 ... P1229: Supercharger Intercooler Pump Not Working (Ford) P1232: Low Speed Fuel Pump Primary Circuit Malfunction ...

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p1299 - overheating problem. Perhaps a very short time. 1.Disconnect the battery for 1 minute and get rid of P1299. 2.Roadtest your car. How fast CE light came back ...

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This publication contains material that is reproduced and distributed under a license from Ford Motor Company. No further reproduction or distribution of the Ford ...

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