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Official Gold Pants Miyamoto Mii Qr Codes


Update: In addition to the codes below, we now have a complete guide with nearly 100 Mii QR codes for

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Wait... How is this Jill Mii being distributed by QR Code when the official gold-pants Nintendo Miis (Iwata, Reggie, Miyamoto, etc.) can't be?

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Every time you make your Mii, you get a special QR code for it that lets others scan it with ... Or how about Satoru Iwata or Shigeru Miyamoto? Or maybe you want Reggie ...

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Recently at the Tokyo Game Show, Capcom setup banners which contains QR Mii codes ... Region free gold pants'd Mii's? I thought they were all region locked. #

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... had an interview with Shigeru Miyamoto. They were so generous as to actually release his Mii's QR Code! ... Iwatas official doesn't have gold pants. EDIT: So... does it work

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... Mii with golden pants (a special Mii that can only be received via QR code ... pants. These include official Miis of game characters and important people in Nintendo, like Shigeru Miyamoto ...

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What's more, we'll keep on adding Mii QR codes, so keep on checking back for more ... Gaming Industry QR Codes (Miyamoto, Reggie, Kojima, Inafune, etc.) Miyamoto, Iwata ...

I was split between posting this in your creations and in the video games thread. but anyway. Post your Mii QR codes here if you wanna share with ever

I plan to scan quite a few QR codes as many of the Miis ... Hiroshi Yamauchi, Satoru Iwata and Shigeru Miyamoto http://ninty.cz/3ds/3ds-si-umi-vymenovat-mii-pomoci-qr-kodu/

Bundled in with those packages is a QR code so you can add an official Mii of ... And of course, Satoru Iwata and Miyamoto. But ... This is going straight into my pants, by ...