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M58 120mm gun penetration tables


British Anti-Tank Gun Pen.

Written by David Boyd Thursday, 01 January 2009 21:23 British Gun penetration tables. Below are penetration values for British guns, for the plate type quot;HH quot; is ...


Why not but a 120mm on th.

A 120mm gun on a stryker chassis is a joke (8 tires equals 8 big springs to bounce across the street and back). The 105 is too big IMHO. I much prefer the Oto Melara 60 ...


American 120mm Guns: Reco.

Hi There! Bugged by my perceived low damage rolls on the two big 120mm American Guns, the M58 120mm gun and the T53 120mm gun, I decided to star...



For example, in TAMCN E1888, Tank Combat, Fully-Tracked 120mm Gun M1A1, the rate for ... Each table contains a list of prime items such as artillery projectiles or ...


@MBT-Merkava_mk-1_001 | F.

MK-I -63 Tonnes, 900 HP Engine, 105mm M68 Gun. MK-II- Iden. but with more protection to urban-war. MK-III- 65 Tonnes, 1200 HP Engine, 120mm Gun. MK-IV- 65 Tonnes,1500 ...


Kart M40 Airsoft Sniper G.

Kart M40 Airsoft Sniper Gun Bolt Action Rifle [Kart-M58]


Antiaircraft Artillery - .

World War II U.S. Army Antiaircraft Artillery 120mm Antiaircraft Gun or 4.7-inch Antiaircraft Gun M1 Strato-Flak

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