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M58 120mm gun penetration tables


British Anti-Tank Gun Pen.

Written by David Boyd Thursday, 01 January 2009 21:23 British Gun penetration tables. Below are penetration values for British guns, for the plate type quot;HH quot; is ...


Why not but a 120mm on th.

A 120mm gun on a stryker chassis is a joke (8 tires equals 8 big springs to bounce across the street and back). The 105 is too big IMHO. I much prefer the Oto Melara 60 ...


American 120mm Guns: Reco.

Hi There! Bugged by my perceived low damage rolls on the two big 120mm American Guns, the M58 120mm gun and the T53 120mm gun, I decided to star...



For example, in TAMCN E1888, Tank Combat, Fully-Tracked 120mm Gun M1A1, the rate for ... Each table contains a list of prime items such as artillery projectiles or ...


Kart M40 Airsoft Sniper G.

Kart M40 Airsoft Sniper Gun Bolt Action Rifle [Kart-M58]


Antiaircraft Artillery - .

World War II U.S. Army Antiaircraft Artillery 120mm Antiaircraft Gun or 4.7-inch Antiaircraft Gun M1 Strato-Flak


Gun Data Base - Bullet Ba.

Make your own Bullet Ballistic Charts and Windage Tables with wxact sight settings for any Long ... The Gun Data Base allows you to make as many individual files as you wish.

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