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Kini Popo Meaning


What does kini popo mean? I heard it means something like the English phrase quot;on the ball quot;. What does popo mean in Chinese? Popo means grandma on your mom's side.

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I heard it means something like the English phrase quot;on the ball quot;.

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The HONOLULU 100 - Kenneth P. Emory to Carl quot;Kini Popo quot; Hebenstreit. Kenneth P. Emory (1897-1992) As the first chairman of anthropology at Bishop Museum, Kenneth ...

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Kini Baby Name. Origin and Meaning of Kini The Name Kini is a boy's name. The name Kini or slight variations of ...

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Adam West - Definition ... where he got a role on a light entertainment show called The Kini Popo Show.

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... ano o keia huaolelo William, you tell him the E Wiliama, nau e ha'i meaning ... E kini popo kakou Hiki no ia oe ke puka, e Kale, ke makemake oe He maikai no laua ...

Full text of quot;An English-Hawaiian dictionary; with various useful tables: prepared for the use of Hawaiian-English schools quot;

Kini Popo, my partner, is still out looking for provisions, potato salad and beer. ... You see, this is what I mean by shooting blind. I don't know how to save the ship.

What does kini popo mean? How do you say white owl in the native American language Mississippi tribe? Is aquilla a Cherokee word? How do you say 'my name is' in Sioux?

town; hidden meaning: Kapa: Cloth made from the bark of the wauke tree: Kapa'a Beach Park ... kini: can: kinipopo: ball (for games) kino: body: kipikua: pick: kiwai: water faucet handle

Today, Carl Hebenstreit, also known as Kini Popo, runs Trade Publishing. He originally joined the company in 1957, when Don Over made him a partner and advertising manager.

... college buddy, Carl Hebenstreit, who was starring in the kiddie program quot;The Kini Popo ... [In 1995] That typecasting is a mean, long-fanged yellow dog that grabbed my leg ...

From there he did some travelling in Europe and eventually made his way to Hawaii, where he did work on a children's show entitled quot;The Kini Popo Show quot;.

Saw him come up from the bottom, and I mean the bottom. It couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. Come on up and get it, Frank! quot; Capra got up to go get it, squeezing past ...

Also can mean to join, unite, introduce or meet someone. HULA Traditional Hawaiian dance distained by the early missionaries but revived by King Kalakaua and performed ...

Does anyone have any input on a restaurant in the Kini Popo shopping center in ... You must mean Monico's. It's OK. We personally like Verde's better, and Red ...