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Jual Radio All Band


... UV 5R USB Cable CD 136 174 400 480MHz Dual Band 2 way FM Ham... $64.99. Motorola PR400 UHF 438 ... Baofeng UV 5R Ham Commercial Radio Dual Band VHF UHF ... Dual Band Ham Radio ...

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Baofeng UV-5R Ham/Commercial Radio Dual Band VHF/UHF Two Way Radio FREE Shipping ... Transmit: 136-174MHz amp; 400-480MHz (Full Transmit) Includes 2.5KHz Tuning Step!

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BUILD THIS MULTIBAND FAN DIPOLE FOR ALL BAND HF ANTENNA EXCITEMENT Here is a fairly simple and easy to build multi band horizontal fan type dipole that can be ...

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IC-718 ALL BAND HF TRANSCEIVER This is a good working Icom IC-718 HF transceiver. ... was part off a trade and upon checking it out I found that the Preamp, NB, amp; ATT is ...

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BAOFENG DAUL BAND UV-3R - UHF VHF Transceiver. Great Low Cost Walkie Talkie for Ham or Commercial Use. Stocked in the USA

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build this multiband fan dipole for all band hf antenna excitement (new updated construction tips for faster tuning---see below)

Reset FT-757 GX and GXII: Power MOD For Yaesu-FT-757GX or GXII: FT-757 sw mod for all band TX: Yaesu FT-757GX and FT-757GX quot; outputpower in SSB mode

Wouxun KG UV6D Ham Radio Dual Band HT VHF UHF Two Way Radio New FREE Shipping ... How would i tell the difference? I would like one that is able to be hooked up to ...

This is my version of a quot;Go Box quot;, using a different case: http://www.kg4rul.info ... case for my battery. i may get an all band radio to use as the rig for emcomm. is ...

the dipole and the inverted v all band sturba curtain! multiband hf dipole project the one element quot;beam quot;! one element beam 20 thru 6! the cloud warmer nvis beam

Baofeng UV 5R Ham Commercial Radio Dual Band VHF UHF Two Way Radio FREE Shipping ... The software also enables it to process data and update firmware from the PCMCIA- or ...

CLICK HERE TO BUY! For Auction: BAOFENG UV-3R Two Way Transceiver with 2 Meter and 70 Cm Coverage. Full Features Including: CTCSS Tones. DCS Operation