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Galaxy Icons Mean


What do icons mean at the top of the samsung galaxy s screen ... receive or even reject calls on my Samsung Galaxy Note when I press on the green icons or ...

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What Do The Different Icons Mean On My SGH-A837 (Rugby) ... Hi Can i install firmware in samsung GT-s5233s. pl... i forget s memo Galaxy Note pin key how to reset?

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what does the 2 circling arrows symbol on my samsung galaxy s mean. What do the up down arrows next to ... samsung galaxy s2 symbol 2 circular arrows, samsung galaxy symbols ...

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What is WHAT EMOJI ICONS MEAN? Mr What will tell you the definition or meaning of WHAT EMOJI ICONS MEAN

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what do tracfone icons mean... What do tracfone icons mean ... I would like to have an icon glossary so I can tell what the pictures mean on my ...

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the icons next to sent text messages is either a green arrow or black check. i thought it meant it was a check if it was sent to some one of the same plan ...

But as former Engadget editor Nilay Patel points out today, some of the similarities between Samsung's Galaxy line and Apple's iPhone and iPad are so obvious, you'd ...