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Dt466 Loss Power


07 Dt466 Eratic Waste Gate Movement. High Loss of power in acceleration but going down the road clears up. At idle and low RPMs waste gate seems to operate with no rhyme ...

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DT466 low power ... I've seen intercooler hose clamps loose causing loss of turbo delivery pressure.

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jim in west palm in west palm beach, florida said: i had a problem with power loss on a 2005 dt466 international in ft pierce said the fins in the turbo were rusted and ...

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[Archive] Gradual power loss over the last year or two dt466 Heavy Duty

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Question - Int. 4300 dt466. truck was losin power last couple weeks on. Find the answer to this and other Heavy Equipment questions on JustAnswer.

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Question - International engine Dt466 smokes white some times while driving. ... When I first started working on the bus it was smoking all the time and no power at ...

I have a 1992 IH 4700 at545 At full throttle it loses all power and then a big puff of white smoke and power comes back and then goes again. We have

Navistar DT engine; Production: 1984-present: Configuration: Inline-6: Displacement: 360-570 cubic inches: Cylinder bore: 4.59 inches: Fuel type: Diesel: Power output

I have a 2006 4300 w/dt466 with about 143000 miles on it. Lost power this morning. black smoke under a load but puffs a whitish blue smoke every few seconds also.

egr cooler fixed my 07 dt466 for loss of coolant with no visible leaks, but it should not ... The first thing you notice is the lack of power from acceleration. Then you see ...

www.brattain.com Updated: 2012-06-09 DT466 vs MBE-bus. International DT 466 - 7.6L weight: 1480 lbs ... Diamond logo are tr ademarks of International Truck and ...

My truck is at the International dealer getting fixed as I am posting this for the same problem at 159,550 miles on our 2003 International 4300 with a DT466 engine.

Ok so since ive owned this truck, 2003 International 4400 DT466, the enigine has ... i drive the truck everyday and haul anywhere from 5k to 17k so the power loss sucks!

Heavy Equipment Forums gt; Transportation gt; Trucks gt; DT466 low power ... I've seen intercooler hose clamps loose causing loss of turbo delivery pressure.

Old or New DT466 better? 04 Freightliner M2 Vs. 03 Int. 4300; Help! 87 IH dt466 ... Cat 3126 miss/ low power in Kodiak; Bendix AD-4 Dryer operation; just got my first MD

Problem: loss of power in a 2.5 TD The symptoms that were noticed: no power for overtaking slow acceleration up to 70 mph no noticeable kick in your back at 2200 revs when ...