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Does Dd Mean Bottom California Drivers License


What does dd on the bottom of the ca driver license mean? What does dd 9911110181859254 on the bottom of a tn driver`s license mean? Wa enhanced drivers license what is the ...

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What is the DD number mean on the bottom of the new Texas drivers license? 3 years ago; Report Abuse; Additional Details

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What do the dd numbers at the bottom my new california drivers ... 69% - What does dd mean at bottom of ca driver license?

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I asked a cop what the DD number at the bottom of the new Texas driver's license meant. He insisted it does not mean 'deemed destitute.' So what does it ...

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What does dd mean on the bottom of the driver`s license? There is DD at the bottom of the driver`s license and i was wondering what it meant?

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I just got my Washington (not DC) driver's license and there's a field at the bottom called quot;DD quot;. Next to it is my driver's license number with a lot of ...

on the bottom of a california drivers license they have numbers . i know one is the date is was issued then there are more what do they mean

What does the Audit number DD 5642 mean at the bottom of a driver's license? ... an appointment for the permit written test on the dmv.ca ...

What does the stuff on the bottom of the new drivers license mean

On the new california drivers license what does rstr ... stand for on the bottom of california driver s license? ... the numbers in dd mean on the new california drivers license?

Best Answer: That would depend on the country/state/province you live in which you forgot to mention.

What does the dd number on texas drivers license stand for? California driver license dd ... What does the code on the bottom of your drivers license mean in michigan?

what DD in the botton of Texas driving license mean? Be the first person to answer ... What is the dd number on the new temnessee drivers license

drivers license dd, dd driver license, driver license dd, what does DD mean on a license , What does dd mean on a tn drivers license, what does dd mean on driver ...

California Dd on License information at DMV.ORG. Find information for Dd on License ... Vehicles (DMV) has issued a newly designed, more secure California driver license and ...

California Driver License's Format (DMV)- Magnetic Stripe Support, time and attendance, labor tracking, data terminals, plastic card printers, barcode scanners ...