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Combination Gummy Dragon


2257 How to get / breed Gummy Dragon in Dragon City? Gummy Dragon is a hybrid rare dragon which can be produced through breeding combination of Firebird Dragon amp; Star ...

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Note: There is no guarantee that breeding combination between Gummy Dragon amp; Cool Fire Dragon will give you Mirror Dragon, as other dragon may be produced as a result.

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The most efficient way to breed gummy is Jade + Star. This combination takes only 2 hours to breed ... two 6-sided dice and they require a roll of 1 to produce a gummy dragon.

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I just haven't sat down to breeding JUST that combo is all... been working on ... - Lazer Dragon + Dandelion Dragon = Gummy Dragon / Cool Fire Dragon / Soccer Dragon ...

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how do i get cool fire dragon and soccer dragon:confused: i use the combination of laser+dandelion but i always get gummy dragon:mad: any other combination:confused:

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Armadillo dragon, cool fire dragon, soccer dragon, gummy dragon, petroleum dragon and pirate dragon. A very good combo to breed a legendary with is cool fire and cool fire.

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It can be used in a certain combo of buttons to do really heavy and hard to avoid ... What 2 dragons make gummy dragon on dragon city? Answer it!