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W 2 California State Disability Insurance


On my W-2 form should box 16 (state wages, tips, ect) match the amount in box 18 (local wages, tips ect.) I had my taxes done at H amp;R block and they said should be ...

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Where is the Federal, State and Local W-2 information stored for previous Payroll years?

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Excess State Disability Insurance (SDI) or Voluntary Plan Disability Insurance (VPDI) Withholding shown on Form(s) W-2 or CA Sch W-2, W-2G ...

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Rhode Island administers its temporary disability law as an adjunct to its unemployment insurance law. The Temporary Disability Insurance Act covers ... as state taxes ...

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5) Excess State or Voluntary Plan Disability Insurance (SDI/VPDI) -- Excess amount is not substantiated.

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California SDI (state disability insurance) is deductible as a mandatory state ... Voluntary plans (e.g. VPDI) are not. Excess withholding on SDI/VPDI from two or more ...

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What is Temporary Disability Insurance (TDI)? TDI ... be entitled to a TDI tax refund ... RI Department of Labor and Training Temporary Disability Insurance

The Department of Temporary Disability Insurance ... RI Department of Labor and Training Temporary Disability Insurance P.O. Box 20100,