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Jambi Kittens


Savannah Kittens and Exotic Cat Breeder from the longest standing breeder of the Savannah cat.

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The Jambi and Habari cats are two exotic cat breeds that a visitor kindly brought to my attention. They are very rare and little known breeds. By my estimation,

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Best Answer: There is Savannas, Jambi Cats, Safaris, Bengals, Habari, Servals, most of these are larger cats... but very expensive and require special care ...

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Anson Road Safari Cats UNITED STATES California Jungle Mountain Exotics Safari Katz Florida Purr-Fect Safaris (Kittens Available) Illinois Select Exotics

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Marechal Safari Cats and Safari Kittens. Offering for sale Safari Cats and Safari Kittens.

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7:33 Watch Later Error Tool - Jambi (Official Fan Made Video) by Darknessfalls260 46,997 views; 4:57 Watch Later Error F1 vs F5 (Savannah cats play fighting) ...

Breeds of cats (domestic cats) all originated from the same species of domesticated ... The Jambi. The Jambi is a cross between a domestic cat and an Asian Fishing cat.

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First consider acquiring an exotic domestic cat like a Savannah, Habari, Bengal or Jambi cat. These cats are the result of crossbreeding domestic cats with wild species.

Bengal kittens for sale as well as Chausie kittens are available to approved buyers from this reputable and experienced cat breeder in Philadelphia, PA.

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Miniature cat: Note: Not a cat breed! Place Origin : USA : Date origin: Est: 1950s : Ancestry: Household cats/Persians : Weight : 3-6lbs : Temperament: Sweet

North Carolina Cat Breeders Directory - Find kittens for sale in North Carolina

The illusive Safari cat has been added to its programs, the Habari and the Jambi cats have been created, and Select Exotics holds the distinction of being the longest ...

Marechal Cattery Chausie Cats. Breeder of Chausie Cats and Chausie Kittens.

... to interact with Savannah cats and ... Queen, savannah cat, savannah cats, savannahs, cattery, hybrid, dale hummel, holly hummel, bengal, select exotics, safari, habari, jambi ...